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About Digitalthread

A web design community and design blog since 1996, Digitalthread selects only the best-of-the-best web design firms, top design companies, online portfolios, graphic design studios, design books, web design resources, design jobs, conferences, design schools... and collects all of these cool links and inspirations in one place. If you like logos, illustration, print, art, t-shirts, graffiti, posters, or anything to do with graphic design, then we are your portal to explore the best of the web.

You can still visit the original site and over a thousand more professional web design links at: http://www.digitalthread.com/webdesignlinks/

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Advertising with Digitalthread in 2010

Digitalthread is one of the web's first "design portals" - originally published in 1996, Digitalthread has an international readership and reaches the eyes of web designers, graphic designers and artists from a multitude of professions. For 14 years running, Digitalthread provides editorial reviews of hand-picked sites, separating the wheat from the chaff, and the cream from the curds. Ultimately, Digitalthread is growing into an invaluable hub of resources for the digital designer. One of our most popular areas is the categorized listing of web design companies, and of course, our daily reviews of websites, located in our webdesign gallery. In the USA, Europe and across the globe, Digitalthread is famed for its unique writing, discriminating eye, and selective reviews.

Global Respect

Featured in magazines and linked to from almost 1,000 independent sites and design lists, Digitalthread has captured the eyes (and eyes, and eyes) of visual designers for over a decade. DT holds a #1 ranking in HOW Magazines 2004's list of "Top Ten Design Resources". We have been published in such far-flung design magazines as 81+ (Korea) and Web Designing (Japan). Digitalthread is also one of the original 100 picks for the famed IMGSRC magazine from Shift Magaine (Japan), and has appeared at VectorLounge II in Lille (France). Our hand-picked and selective reviews also cater to a large percentage of visitors from European 'design-minded' countries such as Sweden, Netherlands, Germany (Berlin), England (London), Canada, and locally in the US, the cities of San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York - the three major urban centers for web design firms in the USA.

Powerful Influence

Digitalthread draws more than 25,000 visits each week (more below), and not from just anyone. Digitalthread readers include designers from all walks of life, art directions, and creative directors, as well as a large percentage of principle firm owners. With our established ranking, relevant cross-links and heavy online influence, our targeted influence provides advertisers on Digitalthread a focused market with a broad impact.

Active Readership

From our modest launch in September 1996, Digitalthread has grown steadily to attract many loyal readers. Currently more than 25,000 visitors access Digitalthread each week and provide almost 400,000 page-views per month. And, unlike many design newsletters, which sit unread in subscriber inboxes, The Digitalthread Design Newsletter reaches out to over 12,000 "grade A", opt-in active mailboxes.

High Google Ranking

Through our multi-industry cross-linking and community popularity, Digitalthread has leveraged highly coveted placement in the top Search Engines for our industry's top Keywords. Digitalthread comes up as the #1 result – or within the top 5 listings – in Google for these major search terms: "best web design firm/company", "graphic design firm/company", "web design gallery", "web design resources", as well as many specific, industry-related keywords and search terms.

Choose your Advertisement

Digitalthread's audience of discriminating, upscale and enthusiastic graphic designers, creative directors, and online junkies is particularly responsive to advertisers of computer equipment and design-related products. Digitalthread is also an ideal platform for healthy competition for design firms competing for clients, inter-industry ranking and exposure. Sponsors of Digitalthread have ranged from major multimedia firms like Rockstar Games to design-minded companies such as Nike, Peugeot, and Xerox. From niche design boutiques in Europe, to large motion graphic agencies in California, to design firms in New York City's Silicon Alley, we offer a wealth of marketing potential.

Deep Demographics

Our particularly loyal readers have indicated that they will be more likely to purchase from companies advertising on Digitalthread. For more information on our readership demographics, click here.

Exclusive Ad Buys

In addition to standard advertising units, Digitalthread is open to discussions on other sponsored content packages, ranging from exclusive sponsorships of categories to custom built campaign sites.

E-mail Newsletter Advertising

The Digitalthread monthly newsletter is sent to over 12,000 graphic design fans and design firm principals worldwide. It is an ideal medium to reach a responsive audience with highly targeted offers and announcements. Each newsletter is focused to allow just one advertiser per blast, ensuring a non-diluted message. Graphic based campaigns and dedicated news alerts can also be considered.

Competitive Rates

Based on Google Ranking, SEO results and cross-links, we offer a below market price for our text link ads. We also offer significant discounts for advertisers with multiple bookings. We accept static and animated GIF and JPG ads, as well as Flash, with approved creative.

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You can buy a text link immediately on Digitalthread's homepage lasting from 2 months up to 1 year. Upon approval, your purchase (though PayPal or by check/money order) will be available in 24 hours on the home page of Digitalthread.com. To receive a Digitalthread Rate Card and Demographic information e-mail us now with your request.

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