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Blake - Brand WorkforceBlake Brand Workforce is a boutique studio located in Argentina that provides branding solutions for clients around the globe. From logos to print, on-line and on-air, they've developed a little bit of everything... from airport signage to video effects, and a rich mix of bold, colorful logo work.... More

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Blake - Brand Workforce


MoticaA young motion design studio dedicated to audiovisual, artistic and commercial graphic design. The artists hail from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and launched this nascent portfolio presentation in 2007. Impressive reel for a this collective group of three graphic designers with ten years of experience in various post production studies.... More

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BestialLike a pack of wild animals on the loose, this independent multi-disciplinary design studio attacks print and editorial design with a frenzy! Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and filled with the kind of passion you only find south of the equator, in the deepest jungles, where they sink their skillful fangs into tender, young editorial and branding work. Grrreat portfolio... Grrrrowl!... More

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Sangre - Pable Scaglione

Sangre - Pablo ScaglioneGraphic designer, art director and illustrator based in Buenos Aires, Pablo has a unique style and an amusing eye, dabbling in a little bit of everything since 2000. His range of talents include identity design, brand creation, website design, print pieces, tv shows, and all kinds of other aesthetic creations. Friend of the people and the animals, Pablo has a natural talent for typography - especially visible in his modern, and youthful graphic identity designs.... More

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Sangre - Pablo Scaglione


GUAPOGUAPO is a slick-looking South American portfolio that is designed in a mysterious, minimal black background—it's one of those designs that ultimately aims to make the "firm" appear much larger than it actually is. While the site looks good on the surface, digging inside reveals a rather thin spread of projects (obviously the work of a single designer). However, all is not lost, as the recent futuristic typography, identity and logo design work inside this portfolio is quite strong and well worth checking out. It's all about the potential here.... More

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Guerrini Design Island

Guerrini Design IslandGuerrini Design Island is a studio specialised in the design of institutional and corporate brand identity. That means they work on projects such as visual identity of the State of Argentina, but also on socially conscious ecological posters for non-governmental organisms such as United Nations, UNICEF, UNIFEM, UNESCO, OPS, Amnesty International, and CLACSO. Additionally, Guerrini has completed branding for companies in over a dozen countries. We love their clean and simple design style.... More

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Guerrini Design Island

Accent Creative

Accent Creative | Miguel VegaThis is the portfolio of Argentinian creative director, live video artist and electronic musician, Miguel Vega. And in his portfolio, work imitates life - many of the projects Miguel produces center around the music industry - from club flyers to vinyl sleeve designs, identity design to motion video work. Music is much a part of this artists life as the visuals he creates.... More

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Accent Creative | Miguel Vega


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