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Vasava Artworks

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Vasava Artworks

Coming across a great design studio we neglected for years feels like... discovering the account number to a Swiss bank account we forgot existed. The interest is crazy! And these guys are nuts too. Not many agencies in their level produce as much high quality design and illustration work. Based in Barcelona, Spain, Vasava does design, illustration, motion graphics, interactive and exhibitions. Custom typographer Alex Trochut (link) worked there for two years. They also have a gallery in front of their shop called Vallery (link), where they have exhibitions with well known artists like Non-Format, Parra, Rinzen, Mario Hugo, Kozyndan, Emil Kozak, and others! They also edited the 1 x 1: Pixel-Based Illustration & Design book (buy it: $37.96) and the Place Project Book. Most recently they just did the posters and logotype in the latest Gnarls Barkley Video. Ah... Please withdraw one billion dollars!

Clients: Diesel, Nike, Pull & Bear


Reviewed by Digitalthread on Jul 14, 2008


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