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Founded in 2000, Modernista! is an accomplished ad agency that focuses on what they call "the big ideas". What is a big idea? Well, you may have seen their H3 Hummer ads running on a certain small sports show called the Superbowl, or perhaps on the streets of NYC in the form of oversized black and white outdoor posters for Napster. Eitherway, one can tell from their successful projects that Modernista! injects a bit of art into each of their endeavours... Therefore contrary to common advertising ideas, they look beyond the staus quo to help change your mind, intead of just trying to please it. M! is a truly progressive brand and ad agency, who also happen to update their online presence each year. One to watch.

Clients: Hummer, GAP, Napster


Reviewed by Digitalthread on Mar 28, 2006


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