Sep 25, 2022

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Zhiwei Bai

Zhiwei BaiIt's not often that we get to feature a talented Chinese-based artist and designer such as Zhiwei Bai. Born in 1981, Zhiwei is a typographic designer whose beautifully balanced work exhibits a timeless quality—it features a collage and shape-inspired minimal style, with blocky typography that at once seems childish, yet modern. In a sense, it is a youthful mix of Swiss bauhaus design and Chinese calligraphy. Recently two of his works won the merit of 53rd Annual Type Directors Club (New York) and they will be published in Typography 28 and exhibited in six traveling shows, internationally. As a member of The Art Directors Club of New York and Shenzhen Graphic Design Association – has won a number of local and international awards in his professional field, such as The Art Directors Club of New York Awards (NYADC). Simply, beautiful work.... More

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Zhiwei Bai


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