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Jody Barton - Graphic Artist

Posted under graphic design, illustration, United Kingdom.

Jody Barton - Graphic Artist

Jody Barton is one of those special characters in design. Born and raised in the British Isles and educated in London at The Royal College of Arts, his typographic art has a certain painful honesty to it... which we like to call 'un-irony'. When most trendy designers are doing the "cool" irreverant thing—Jody is actually feeling the pain and not faking the expression. This un-ironic attitude – arrived at by choice, but also a cultivated perspective born from frustration – is expressed in worded and iconographic detail on skateboards, surfboards, vinyl cuts of his work, stickers, T-shirts, books, pamphlets, hand-assembled custom bicycles, tattoos on his own body, and basically anything he can put pen or ink to. Raw, real, ridiculously talented, and not to be missed.

Clients: BBC, Greenpeace, MTV,


Reviewed by Digitalthread on Feb 13, 2007


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