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Andrew Rae

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Andrew Rae

The thing we like most about posting up a tasty illustration site on the holidays; digging into the deep quirky mind of an good illustrator is like reaching into a never-ending stocking stuffer, or a spinning a 26-sided dradle... You always come up with some kind of golden goodie! Especially so in this portfolio of Andrew Rae from the UK, who specializes in compositions of characters, animals and people in unconventional and fantastic situations. He also has a thing for electronic audio equipment, knobs and buttons. Dig in, because this full-time illustrating elf doesn't skimp on the giving all year 'round.

Clients: The Guardian, MTV UK and MTV asia, M+C Saatchi


Reviewed by Digitalthread on Dec 24, 2006


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Fine artists who can draw, paint, sketch, render illustrations and compose creative drawings. Classic illustrators, digital (pixel) illustrators, urban artists and editorial illustrators are all considered for this listing.



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