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Zenvironments - Zach Johnsen

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Zenvironments - Zach Johnsen

"Easy on the fingers, heavy on the eyes" characterizes the fine art work of illustrator and designer Zach Johnsen. Dealing with concepts of life, death and beauty, and sometimes just random inspirations, Zach's natural talent and love of the unusual breathes life into an eclectic genre of illustration. We love the blending of watercolors and inks to form his tattoo-and-urban-inspired subjects; skulls, thieves, women, knives and snakes. He also art directs a very beautiful t-shirt line called Tank Theory, which has been featured in magazines like Vice – among other purveyors of cool.

Clients: SonyBMG, Syintific Skateboards, Ecko


Reviewed by Digitalthread on Feb 4, 2007


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