Aug 14, 2022

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From Madrid -- hot, sweaty, sexy, slow long looks through a thick fringe of dark eyelashes. The barest hint of smile is offered, till YOU smile -- then --!! The flash of sharp white teeth. That's Acrylick. You can spend hours on their website; it weaves childlike and phallic images without apology. Amazing use of color and iconography. Some annoying typos and English language glitches (fair warning for the NARROW-MINDED), but absolutely nothing is lost in the translation. Very, very cool. And, ah, did we mention hot and sweaty? And sexsexsexy? Go now. Sweat.

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A select list of global web design firms and companies producing designs for screens outside of the U.S.A. From Japan to Sweden, the UK to Brazil and Australia to Poland... Around the world and back.



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