May 28, 2023

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Clementina Presentation

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The future has come, and it is bright. Clementina Presentation drags you into a world of tomorrow with their touch-screen this and their interactive that. Big names like HBO, Philips, and Fox are already doting on them, but soon enough they'll find their way into your own home. The touch-screen menu on your next refridgerator will come courtesy of these time-travelers. And twenty years down the line, what won't have a touch-screen on it? Think cell phones. Think dashboards. Think public toilets. These are the people who will lead the index-finger revolution. Sit back. Relax. Feel yourself getting fatter and lazier as the years go by. These guys are dragging us into the future, so thank your lucky stars they're doing it in style. The future is at our fingertips, literally. Think...moist toweletes.

Clients: ICQ, HBO, Sony


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