Jun 04, 2023

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Reinforcing our current conviction that the guns, skulls and crossbones era of design is finally... well, dead (huzzah!), here's another shangri la-esque site for a full service design agency from South Africa. It's goal is simple: to transport us to a place of sanctuary and natural beauty, which it mostly accomplishes. While the over-loaded Flash design may distract from the ability to navigate or view the entire company's work, the effort and attitude are boldly shown on the "green" sleeves of the designers, and that speaks volumes.

Clients: Knorr, Talkies, USB-ED


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international firms is...

A select list of global web design firms and companies producing designs for screens outside of the U.S.A. From Japan to Sweden, the UK to Brazil and Australia to Poland... Around the world and back.



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