Dec 10, 2022

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Versatility is the name of the game with this UK-based firm. Some designs belong in the Guggenheim. Others, an uptight housewife's magazine. Here are some talented people with no downfall in sight: No ego! No pretention! No capitalized letters! Simpler than the sites they've designed for their edgy rocker clientelle, their website is straightforward. One has the chance to immediately form their own opinion of the work. Surely, designers like these have no need to hide behind code-laden webdesign, confusing menus, or the most basic rules of grammar.

Clients: MTV 2, MTV Base, Warp Records


Reviewed by on Sep 24, 2004


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A select list of global web design firms and companies producing designs for screens outside of the U.S.A. From Japan to Sweden, the UK to Brazil and Australia to Poland... Around the world and back.



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