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Anova | Jesper Bentzen

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Anova | Jesper Bentzen

Anova, the online home of one-man multimedia machine Jesper Bentzen - unlike any other site we've recently viewed, grabs us with a single explosive introduction that showcases a gambit of technical and design abilities. Thus, the mood is set for viewing the portfolio of this young, modern 'renaissance' designer, whose work covers everything from post production to 3D modeling, identity design to web games, and photography to physical art installations. It's very impressive, especially considering the numerous bells and whistles this Flash expert has integrated into his portfolio interface and navigation... it certainly seems like there's nothing in the digital or design realm outside of Jespers' technical reach or artistic grasp. Jesper Bentzen is currently earning his Masters of Arts in Kolding, Denmark - at the time of this posting.


Reviewed by Digitalthread on Jul 24, 2006


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