Jun 08, 2023

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Claudio Limon

Claudio LimonIf ever there was a portfolio bursting at the seams with expression, flavor and talent, then this one ranks highly in the category of original creativity. Claudio is a Mexican artist, illustrator, dreamer, and retouching expert whose work runs the entire gambit: from Manga style cartoons drawings, to realistic 3D renderings, whispy dreamword illustrations, and real-world art-based-clothing. Kudos to a true designer and illustrator whose style is expansive and adaptable to any number of projects and artistic expressions.... More

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Claudio Limon

Etienne Ranc Portfolio

Etienne Ranc PortfolioAn interesting portfolio of a Mexican-born designer whose portfolio is predominatly made up of designs created while working in Beirut, Lebanon. Therefore, you'll see a lot of Arabic lettering identity designs and some Lebanese websites from this well-traveled international portfolio. Nice logos and brands.... More

Also posted under international portfolios.

Etienne Ranc Portfolio

Carlos Riveroll

Carlos RiverollClean, bright, and tidy. Designer Carlos Riveroll does a classic job of creating attention-grabbing identity and display designs. The work breaks no new ground, but it is all crisp, to the point, and well presented. Which ain't bad. At all.... More

Also posted under international portfolios, graphic design.

Carlos Riveroll


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