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Mischief PRFrom the 5000 PR firms in the UK, Mischief is the cool kid at class. Always causing trouble, but never getting caught... Already getting a touch of envy? That's what the competition feels too. Mischief straight-talks it's way into the consciousness of the client, to get famous results... It's cool being in the clique now.... More

Mischief PR


MuseumscapesA nice 3D styled site for a exhibit design and fabrication firm, who build original exhibits for a variety of displays and museums. It's an interesting field of design, creating large-scale and exciting panels and experience-based design while incorporating scientific and historical content.... More



Nuec - Taro KudoGet ready to have a wallpaper seizure! If are photo-light sensitive, then be warned, you may need to find a dark corner after checking out this fractal-inspired Flash site of Japanese artist and designer, Taro Kudo. Of course, this is more than a wallpaper site... it's about art, experimentation, and creating a mood. A bit difficult to navigate, sure... but certainly unique! Straight from Tokyo, Japan.... More

Also posted under Flash specialists, Japan.

Nuec - Taro Kudo

Open Communication

Open CommunicationA really good "English ad shop" in Scandanvia, Open brings their unique marketing and advertising perspective to their international projects and clients. The advantage is bringing great Scandanvian products to the world at large in English, and with an English flair. We quite liked their 'open' white site and easy to navigate information. Meanwhile, most of the portfolio shows print, branding and design work. Good stuff.... More

Also posted under international firms, branding & advertising, Sweden.

Open Communication


PunchcutPunchcut specializes in mobile experiences, developing user interface design for mobile applications. From device to desktop to software, these industry leaders understand that mobility is about providing the latest strategic services to their clients.... More

Also posted under usa based firms.


Rareview Interactive

Rareview InteractiveRareview fuses progressive interactive design and development to produce advanced web experiences. They specialize in creating interactive data-driven websites and complex rich media applications, primarily built with Flash.... More

Also posted under usa based firms, Flash specialists.

Rareview Interactive

Satellites Mistaken for Stars

Satellites | Alexander EggerIf you want to see some great collages and mixed media art in a graphic style, look no further than the explorations and emissions of Italian-born artist Alexander Egger. This simple site is a collection of his thoughtful, beautiful, visual essays and explorations, which come in the form of several short 'zines and even his own monograph, published by Ginko Press. While Alex has several conduits for creating expressive mixed media pieces, much of his professional work is minimal and reserved in both color palette and composition – but his knack for breaking the rules with his own artistic style is what makes his work expressive and contemporary. Great identity work, print, posters, and graphic installations.... More

Also posted under graphic design, Austria, Italy.

Satellites | Alexander Egger

Sebastian Chevrel

Sebastian ChevrelWe hereby forgive Mr. Chevrel for referring to himself as a “creative technologist”—his portfolio is a tightly orchestrated display of his programming skills and artistic ventures. His work focus is around information management and the design of data structures for cultural institutions and the entertainment industry. A lot of the time this leads to the creations of cool charts and maps – but is also expressed in his own brand of technology based alternative art, which is complex, yet thoroughly interactive.... More

Also posted under usa based portfolios, multimedia.

Sebastian Chevrel


SeymourPowellFrom designing futuristic fuel-cell motorcycles to a range of... yes, vibrators, SeymourPowell are a ground-breaking group of innovators, product designers and product design consultants. Their portfolio exemplifies a pure, professional presentation, that showcases their experience in product design, development and brand product analysis. Great site, built by Sennep.... More

Also posted under multimedia, branding & advertising, United Kingdom.


Super 8

Super 8 | Andrew CrossSuper 8 shows some 'super-great' painting and drawing in this UK-based portfolio. We loved the character sketches, animals and especially the hand-drawn typography. Great colors too.... More

Also posted under illustration, United Kingdom.

Super 8 | Andrew Cross

TH Design

Tim Holley DesignA nice portfolio site for an industrial design student from Germany who also has a solid range of graphic design projects. Perhaps – because he's coming from the field of industrial design – this designer also seems to understand the beauty and need for big clunky buttons on the web, which makes his site fun and functional too.... More

Also posted under international portfolios.

Tim Holley Design


Formerly known as Plumb Design, Thinkmap designs and markets visualization software for data that's too complex for the commoner to see, or that simply needs to be made more beautiful. Its star products are an ingenious 3D Visual Thesaurus and Thinkmap SDK, a set of imspired configurations for solving common visualization problems. Very specific. If that is what you're looking for, look no further. This be the place. Clients: Nasa, Sony, Motorola... More

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