Jun 04, 2023

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Dstrukt is the edgy portfolio of a skilled motion designer, photographer and director — originally hailing from Manchester, UK. Inspired by movie titles and with a background in both online and traditional media, Dstrukt (or "Chris") produces work for a number of high end clients scattered globaly including MTV Networks Europe, Channel 5, BBC, Vodafone, Discovery Channel and VH1. Chris is also regularly featured in design and industry publications, such as Computer Arts, IdN and Stash whilst presenting at design conferences around the world. Great work!

Clients: MTV Europe, BBC, Discovery Channel


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motion design, tv & branding is...

Firms that produce motion design work and effects for film, commercials and videos. Station ids, show packages, commercial shoots, animation, 3D effects, title design, and all things relating to video and motion are considered.



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