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Hello/Bye | Sun AnHello/Bye is a very nice minimal portfolio of video artist and music director Sun An. The work itself is very rich and provocative, and ranges from hand-drawn typography to music videos for MTV2. There's a subtle undertone and beauty to the work and music that evokes a sophisticated mood and feeling... almost like a moment of understanding between two passing strangers. Hello/Bye, indeed. Quite impressive.... More

Hello/Bye | Sun An


h4che - Jorge CallejaIn the world of online freelance designers Jorge Calleja's portfolio stands tall as tour-de-force in interactive Flash, 3D design and motion graphics. His work for some of the top new media firms like Juxt, Exoplolis and Group W consists of only the cream of the crop projects. Apparently, whatever this proudly Mexican designer/artist gets his hands on, turns into bright, multimedia gold.... More

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h4che - Jorge Calleja

Motion Theory

Motion TheoryTop end developers of videos (Beck, Velvet Revolver, R.E.M.) and TV commercials (HP, Lenovo, DirectTV), Motion Theory creates cutting edge work at the convergence of filmmaking, design, animation, and visual effects. The company’s live-action directors, designers, animators, and artists craft a wide range of memorable, inventive work. We quite enjoyed the sneaker commercials (Nike, Reebok), which mix together music, urban scenes and animated illustrations.... More

Motion Theory


Humanot - Portfolio of John SlabykDefinitely one of the more exceptional portfolios of 2007, from top to bottom it will surely blow you away with high quality design. Originally a Film & Animation student at the Rochester Institute of Technology, John Slabyk shines brightest when creating identity and logo designs. But, as you could guess, he also produces high-impact motion designs, print, sports-team logos, and just some of the crispiest websites around. We could spend a few days in here disecting this marvel of work... but we could never, ever imitate it.... More

Also posted under best of breed, usa based portfolios, graphic design.

Humanot - Portfolio of John Slabyk


AngdooAngdoo is the animation and film portfolio site of Jin Angdoo Lee, who - in a very trim 4-page format - has included direction/animation work covering spots, music video, installations and experimental films. Most of the projects were created while working at Fabrica (Benetton Communication Research Center) in Italy for the past two years. Currently, back in Los Angeles, Angdoo is thriving to find creative fun video projects and other creatives with whom to collaborate. Check it!... More


Sticks + Stones

Sticks + StonesCharaterized by storytelling, eclectic casting (like monkeys) and natural performances, the commercials made by this agency usually leap off the TV screen. And to compliement that, the site for this commercial production company site really makes good use of the black background, displaying powerful, yet minimal images and fonts, that grab the attention of the viewer and beckon them on. We really enjoyed their reels, but especially their video game reel, where they showcase truly eye-popping motion graphic skills.... More

Sticks + Stones


GEORGIEW photography | filmThe new online portfolio of Bulgarian-born photographer and music director Nikolaj Georgiew, this site catalogs nearly an hour of music video clips, more than 200 photos, and many more little additions. Quite a nice home for this over-achieving creative working in Germany, who began doing photography for music, fashion and sports, but has now moved into doing music videos, commercials and photo campaigns.... More

GEORGIEW photography | film

Ringside Creative

Ringside CreativeThis high energy video house based in the Detroit area sports a promotional site in line with their "knockout" brand theme. The high impact homepage immediately showcases over 35 different reels, and was designed to immediately impress a viewer with the breadth of styles and effects offered by Ringside's creative team. Nice site and great reels covering videos, car companies and consumer stores.... More

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Ringside Creative


VielaJamie Alvarez Sobreviela is a Madrid based freelance designer and director. His work evolves around art direction, direction, broadcast and personal projects. Along with a small sampling of sketches, we find that Jamie's main strength is his motion work which is both delicate, modern and professional looking. Jamie has studied digital design since 2000, and more recently moved into film and direction. Clean and classic.... More


Cleo Buro

Cleo BuroTrue or False: Art directors are a dime a dozen? Well, definitely FALSE when you see it from where we are sitting. From things printed, to animated to interactive, we were pleasantly surprised to see the wealth of work in this single designers' portfolio. His selected works show a sure command of multiple medias, and the work itself is bold, clean, professional and comes with just the right touch of tongue-in-cheek playfulness to make this one superbly rounded indy designer... err... art directors portfolio. Impressive.... More

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Cleo Buro


DoubleyouOh how sweet it is! Sublime design presented in a fun and distinctive format. The introduction to this Spanish company is a playful example of the technological skills that have earned this firm the numerous awards that bounce across their intro page. The expertly planned and yet seemingly spontaneous works section holds a collection of unique web and print designs ranging from logotype to TV commercials with only one consistency – superb execution. In layman’s terms… They rock.... More

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This is my wall

This is my wall - Rafa PavonSomewhere in Europe, perhaps near Spain, a newly painted brick wall is jealous of this wall. Yes, it is. But this is Rafa's wall so he puts what he wants on it. And in our opinion, this print and motion video art director can paste up, glue, tack or stencil whatever he wants to his wall. Because this virtual cork-board is truly the complete portfolio experience. It comes with large tear-off sample sheets and built-in Flash transitions that work seamlessly to create a great window into an immersive portfolio that we haven't seen produced quite as well anywhere else. That's why we are telling you... Other walls are getting jealous!... More

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This is my wall - Rafa Pavon

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