May 19, 2022

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Founded in 1987, REZN8 was an early-comer to the digital revolution, and is on a mission to create "emotion and wonder in the mind of the beholder." The Harvey Entertainment's Looney Tunes web site will surely do that, as well as Landmark Entertainment's "Prehistoric Chicago 3-D Ride Simulation Film" (complete with dinosaurs). REZN8 covers the gamut of broadcast, TV commercials, large-screen trailers, and web sites. We felt like kids in a...cartoon store. Mom! Oh Wow! Lookit THIS! AWEsome!

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motion design, tv & branding is...

Firms that produce motion design work and effects for film, commercials and videos. Station ids, show packages, commercial shoots, animation, 3D effects, title design, and all things relating to video and motion are considered.



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