Sep 25, 2022

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Ridiculous, sexy, thrasher types with a soundtrack for everything (or so they would have you believe), Sakebomb had the honor of crafting the Jackass the Movie web site. Mean Girls, too. They keep online journals and post them as portfolio pieces. They exaggerate. They are foul-mouthed. They consort with Angelina Jolie and tint all their graphics red. They put things in motion, especially skateboard punks and BMX bikers. The highlighted "original work" will have you playing the "Pornstar or Meteorologist" game (just invent a name and rotate hairstyles every five years).

Clients: Sony, Volvo, Touchstone


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Firms that produce motion design work and effects for film, commercials and videos. Station ids, show packages, commercial shoots, animation, 3D effects, title design, and all things relating to video and motion are considered.



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