Sep 25, 2022

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Elro provides cutting edge media content, from the simplest Flash animation to Jurassic Park-style dinosaurs. Well, maybe not that cutting edge -- but Elro's site does emphasize their 360ok design department, which provides 3D models for pretty much any sort of application your heart may desire. Want an interactive automobile model in three dimensions to grace your homepage? They can probably provide it. Want as awesome Flash-based movie promoting Legos? You're in luck, because they've already provided it. It's called Brickolizer, and it's the bees knees -- check it out, along with the rest of their swell portfolio.

Clients: Lego, Nestle, CNN

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Hybrid firms and multimedia agencies that tackle design for everything from print to screen, and everything inbetween - from CD-ROM design to motion, identity design to Flash, sound to interactive design. Not restricted to geographic location.



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