May 28, 2023

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To express an idea in a book is one thing, but to express three concepts in only three pages is always better, especially if you are running low on time... And as we see in these three conceptual renderings, personal time, and how we use it, is always at issue. These minimalist prototypes were created to either save time, or consume your time altogether; from an all-in-one credit card & phone to rosary beads-style TV remote control, we can see both the humor and the immediate potential to market such items in this day of hyper media and consummerism - stranger things are selling right now! Such is the foresight of industrial designer Dima Komissarov, a Russian born author of more than 400 design works, objects, visual identities, prints, web sites... and futuristic items that our children will soon find commonplace. Operative word: soon.

Clients: United Nations Organization, Russian Federal Space Agency, Yukos


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