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We are A2/17

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We are A2/17

Hmmm... A2/17. Not exactly the most descriptive name (sounds more like my flight and gate number). So, where to take off and describe this collective of 4 German multimedia artists? Well, they are composed of 4 different types of directors, animators, stop-motion, 2D and 3D artists. So, any visit to A2/17 means you have to visit the sites of: Hendrik Niefeld (concept, direction and animation), Egmont Mayer (3D stop motion artist), Frederik Ring (direction, animation and illustration), and Stefan Schomerus. They are directors. They are designers. They are animators. They are 3D. They are 2D. They are stop motion. Now we understand! They are A2/17... flight boarding now.


Reviewed by Digitalthread on Jun 2, 2006


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