Jun 08, 2023

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Kiss Me I'm Polish

Kiss Me I'm PolishPolish girls are hot. So we just can't resist this boutique-size strategy and design firm that specializes in branding for web and print. Great portfolio layout with just the right amount of confidence, and color in the cheeks. Started in 2003 by Agnieszka Gasparska (born in Warsaw) and located in NYC, this great little endeavor that makes us long for a romantic European getaway... but, until then, I guess we'll have to settle for a kiss.... More

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Kiss Me I'm Polish


BrandwideBrandwide is an inspiring design firm from Poland that specializes in creating visual identification systems for brands and products. What we really liked the raw minimal look to their site, which gives the allusion to a simple light box or cutting board. In turn, the portfolio samples are surprisingly strong, creating an advantageous contrast between the work and the deconstructed site design. This "undersell" continues on to their marketing, where they say on their site: "Brandwide is competent to offer a good design". Hey, we get it... they're great at what they do, and modest too!... More

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Substancja | Konrad WysokinskiA very straight-forward, linear portfolio design for a solid print, poster and identity designer from Warsaw, Poland. Substancja means – simply enough – "substance", which gives us some information about the designer's philiosophy and methods. He also has style and sophistication and a skill set of design techniques he applies across a wide range of work... But then, that would make one hell of a long URL for us to be translating.... More

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Substancja | Konrad Wysokinski


Karas | Mateusz KarasinskiNoticing a trend? We like to call it a "digitalthread". Yes, this is the fifth portfolio we posted today with the same background; black with diagonal grey stripes. But we're not hating on this at all—sure it's not terribly original, but it works. Especially if you have great work inside, as this designer does – it makes it stand out in a dark, sexy and digital way. And for a twenty year old (at this posting) from Poland, he has already worked on designing a number of great websites. Fifth, or sixth, doesn't matter... we're still looking forward to more.... More

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Karas | Mateusz Karasinski


CookieCookie is a fantastic print, identity and web design studio based in Gdansk, Poland. Understandably, it's a unique surprise for us to see such high quality design coming from Poland - not that it's unlikely - it's just a pleasant reassurance that good design is not only accredited to Western Europe and the Scandanavic countries. On that note, however, Cookie does have quite a solid Swiss-grid style to their portfolio... which includes great projects, Flash sites, and identity design for local Polish brands, but also for firms as far away as New York City. Truly, a fabulous international design studio with great design chops.... More

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Flamaster2A flamboyant Flash designer and Flash motion specialist, Piotr (Peter) Lupinski, has provided a (temporary) one page online showcase of his rather full portfolio of professional looking work. In a sense, it appears as a type of "Fibonacci spiral" timeline, although no dates are provided; just the number of days taken to complete each project. Piotr has set the bar high for any forth-coming iterations and we're sure to follow and support any new works from this artist in the future. Flamaster2 (Poland).... More

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