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High-end web design, SEO and e-commerce with award winning results.

Mark Yeo

Mark YeoLike a young Samson in his prime, apparently this young art directors true strength comes directly from his finely coiffed hair. And his clients can relate, because most of his advertising and editorial designs are made for the fashion and high-end luxury fields. His art and layouts of advertising pages have been in the pages of numerous magazines, such as Esquire, Zest, Good Housekeeping and while in Singapore, he conceptualized, designed and art directed covers for Elle Magazine, Cleo and Woman's Weekly. So don't mess with Mark's "do", lest you spoil the perfect balance of art and design.... More

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Mark Yeo

Yucca Studio

Yucca StudioYucca Studio is a multi-disciplinary creative boutique with a pleasant independent approach to web design. Part of their design philosophy comes from the subtraction of items, allowing the more important elements to rise to the top. It's an vital part of building a working minimalist and information-driven site that we can certainly appreciate. Covering print, branding and web design.... More

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Yucca Studio


RedblocRedbloc is a Communist-era-themed web site for a small interactive studio that produces some very nice original work. The site introduces you to some very ironically cute communist characters and illustrations, framed by detailed 'kartuschki' - those delicate Eastern European floral patterns. However, Redblock is actually based in Singapore, and illustrations aside, specializes in creating very beautiful solutions for web and print design, as found in their portfolio area. A very healthy balance of great work and playfull drawings.... More

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Diphthong ID

Diphthong ID (old site)From Singapore comes Diphthong from co-founders Max Hancock and Wesley Grubbs. Lots of refreshing samples and silky flowing interfaces. For you verbal geeks, a diphthong is, in English, “a complex speech sound or glide that begins with one vowel and gradually changes to another vowel within the same syllable”. Like the "ng" in "dipthong." Ya see. A unique and yet necessary combo to the language. Great name for this firm. Apt. (Oh, looky. Another dipthong, there.) Recently, this firm has dissolved, and these two partners (still friends) are pursuing new individual projects.... More

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Diphthong ID (old site)


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