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Hatfarm is a well rounded music production company creating audio for commercials, theatre, film, and dance. Hatfarm has collaborated with, and developed music and sound design for: Showtime, Adidas, MS Society, AMC, Ecko, Footlocker (UK) among others. We liked that Hatfarm produces a wide range of styles and musical ideas, and the music of Hatfarm may include: acoustic instruments, electronics, field recordings, samplers, out of tune pianos, and childrens toys. The music is not limited to genre, loops or sound libraries but instead, consists of music that is modern, innovative, and unique.

Clients: Showtime, Adidas, Ecko


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sound design is...

A sub categoey of both mutimedia design and film, motion + video, sound design and audio engineering listings include a select breed of firms who produce sounds for auditory design experiences.



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