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Red Interactive Agency

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Red Interactive Agency

Red Interactive Agency is an agency with a singular focus... to push the interactive technology of today to its limits to craft the most immersive experiences possible for their clients. For now, what this philosophy boils down to is heavily awarded visual advertising campaigns and marketing sites for several clients in the entertainment industry. But if their projects weren't proof enough, this company with two offices (Studio City, CA and Salt Lake, UT) in the USA, has transformed their portfolio site into a showcase for some of their abilities — it's a living chat room with customizable avatars that can run, punch and fly through a small virtual world with other users. Pretty neat suff... practically useless, yes... but a fine demonstration of what this firm can do, and ultimately a solid calling card.

Clients: Sony PIctures, National Geographic, UFC


Reviewed by Digitalthread on May 1, 2007


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