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Design Codec

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Design Codec

This black and blue void has nothing that we could find that we truly hate... Because there's nothing on this page at all! It's like a comedy of errors... First we are presented with a logo font straight off a PC from 1986, followed by falling orbs designed in Powerpoint that eventually become your navigation (you may have to scroll to find them). Then we are forced to wait for a long drawn out promo while horrible Spanish acoustic guitar music drones on... But wait... the capper comes when you finally find the navigation, the rollovers don't click to anything at all - at least not on any browsers released in the 21st century. Thankfully that means there's no way to email or contact this company!

Reviewed by Digitalthread on Jun 16, 2006


At first we had mixed emotions about starting up this section again. We don't really want to promote or give traffic to poorly designed sites. Here is the response we got from our dear pal at DesignCodec. "I don't know who you are... but you are one sick, mean person. [You've] lowered your otherwise distinguished website to the level of the gutter. Sad. And send me another email so I can have more evidence of how low your are. I'll get the word out." Wow. We sure hope so.

Posted by: RFS - 06/27/06

Wait there's more. I don't know why we didn't create this area before. It's priceless. "Let's take a peek at bank account balances stupid. Or let's compare major design awards received. Bet for every 1,000 I have, you have 1 Which is about what your etiquette IQ is! Go back to the gutter and don't waste my time anymore. You're just one big loser. And yes, I will have my office try and pass the word along. And any further emails from you go directly in the trash. Where you belong." -Don King, President of DesignCodec.

Posted by: RFS - 06/27/06

Lolololol, this site is mad funny. Y'all are gangsta.

Posted by: Alex - 06/29/06


worst of the web is...

Bad graphic designs that had to go somewhere. Worst of the webs websites.



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