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Malofiej Infographics Awards

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Malofiej Infographics Awards

Author: Javier Errea, Miguel Urabayen
Released: August 2003
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Dedicated to communication graphics in newspapers, magazines and the internet since 1993, the Malofiej Awards attract thousands of entries from around the world each year. The annual has become the definitive reference book in the field of infographics and this edition is a prime example. An international jury applies a demanding set of criteria when selecting works for publication and it is not unusual that in some categories no awards are given. This year Time magazine has won acclaim for its articles "The Dopamine Cycle" and "How the Chip Works"; Associated Press for "They Kill Horses" and "Space Vacation"; and National Geographic for "In Search of the Giant Squid" and "The Black Sea Hangs On".

Malofiej Infographics Awards

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