Dec 16, 2018

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The New York City Waterfalls

The New York City WaterfallsStep aside orange Gates, New York City will host an new open-air public art exhibit featuring spectacular man-made waterfalls by Danish artist Olafur Eliasson – starting today. The 4 falls, positioned around the southern end of Manhattan will be softly lit at night and available for everyone to see. This living artwork is one man's attempt to bring back some of the beauty of nature to NYC – something that is much needed, and much appreciated by its citizens. 'Njoy!... More

The New York City Waterfalls

The Next Web

The European Next Web ConferenceA one day conference taking place in Amsterdam on July 7th, 2006. During this day they will look at some leading Web2.0 companies of the day... and the keynote speakers will go even further. They will enlighten you about their view of the future; of The Next Web. During the breaks there will be time to expand your network and have a first glimpse on some high potential European web start-ups. Finally a party in the center of Amsterdam gives you the opportunity to recapitulate the whole day while having a drink. Altogether it will be a long day, with... More

The European Next Web Conference

Tropism Exhibit

Tropsim at espeis archetype galleryWe're kinda tired of the whole "vs." concept—something that was born out of graffiti, and is now used to describe every little design collaboration under the sun. As if these designers aren't truly joining heads, but actually duking it out on the computer like a heads-up match of Quake III. Let's face it, these artists are working together to make something beautiful and unique that extends the concept of "mixed media" and gives it new vibrancy. So come judge the results for yourself this weekend in Brooklyn, NY as Joshua Davis and Commonwealth put their communication skills to the test... More

Tropsim at espeis archetype gallery

TypeCon2006: Boston, August 9-13

TypeCon2006: The Boston T PartyTypeCon2006 is the eighth annual conference presented by the non-profit Society of Typographic Aficionados (SOTA), an international organization dedicated to the promotion, study, and support of typography and related arts. Registration is now open for TypeCon2006. Early bird pricing has been extended through July 7, 2006.... More

TypeCon2006: The Boston T Party


WHAT MATTERSWHAT MATTERS is an international symposium for professionals, academics, and students of graphic, product and architectural design, hosted by and at Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles, California, in collaboration with the :output Foundation, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. WHAT MATTERS will consist of five lectures over two days by internationally recognized professionals in the fields of design/architecture, and four presentations by teams of faculty and students from academic institutions representing those fields. At only $100 for entry, and a maximum participation field of 100 people what are you waiting for? (March 16-17, 2007).... More


YoungGuns A&D Awards

Aug 30th the entry deadline for the 2002 youngguns international advertising & design award is Friday, August 30th, 2002 and fast approaching. if you want to get your hands on an advertising, design or student entry kit, you can download one. YoungGuns International Advertising & Design Award.... More

{ Typophile } contest

Open submissions for their 1st annual T-shirt design contest. Be judged by the likes of: C. Highsmith (Font Bureau), J. Hoefler (Hoefler Type), R. Roat (House Ind.), C. Segura (T-26) & E.v.Blokland (Letterror)... What a tough crowd - whew! Typophile.... More

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