Feb 06, 2023

Fountain Bro Bono Fonts

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These are the free fonts - designed by Peter Bruhn - that every that every graphic designer has on their hard drive... and if not, under what rock and which century have you been hiding? From what is considered the very first pixel font, Sevenet, to antique and gothic style samplers, modern smooth fonts, and even some characters and dingbats, Fountain gives away these great type samples all for free! 13 Free Fonts for Mac and PC.


Reviewed by Digitalthread on Apr 6, 2005


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Discover modern fonts and classic typography. Type distributors, type resources, articles, typography books and free fonts. From classic to display, pixel fonts to contemporary and modern typefaces.Look no further, herein lie the links to feed your free font needs. Only the best free resources and no font pirates will be listed here. PC and Mac fonts are indicated.




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