Jan 16, 2019


SpaviaEvery once in a while, we come across a site or portfolio that truly breaks new ground in interaction and interface design... Of course, you don't need to read any farther to know what you can only experience by visiting the site. But let's just fill in the blanks; This is an art and industrial design portfolio website for the works of a creative duo from Hungary. Spavia (both sections) contains artworks and projects in ceramics and porcelain, silicate design products, paintings, photograms and photography. Kudos go out to these two who have obviously contemplated the medium (Flash) and made their portfolio very easy to use and understand, while also developing a highly original creation. (Added HINT: Use intuitive keyboard buttons to "walk" through instead of clicking.)... More

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Nicole Foran

A tapestry of flowers frames this beautiful and simple one page wonder -- a portfolio site for a painter and printmaker. The work inside has a breath of personality, and coveys a particular understanding of the visual world. What that message is, of course if up to the viewer... but we couldn't ask for a better online casing for this artists' unique work. Take the time to stop and smell the flowers.... More

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Nicole Foran



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