Jun 08, 2023


BandpushBandpush is a strategic publicity campaign that helps to increase awareness for independent artists, record companies and corporate partners in Canada. Basically, musicians compile a demo and submit it for their next event... while Bandpush gathers support from sponsors and drums up the brands together with the tunes. We really loved this textural site design using yellow and distressed brown tones. It also has a perfect complimentary use of typography. The nicely layered page features a mix of aged, distressed and uneven textures to make this page simply touchable... stroke it. Love it.... More

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Vitamin Water

Vitamin WaterA fun, funky and fabulous color rush greets you in the technicolor product site for Vitamin Water. This nutrient-infused drink has taken the bottled beverage market by storm (recently purchased by Coke for $4.1B) due in no small part to its bright color-coded labeling and effervescent copy-writing. The site takes the branding to the next level by bundling each flavor with its own expressive animated illustration – that harmonizes quite well with the current "Coke side of life" branding which also uses bright, abstract illustrations (and no, we don't believe in coincidence). Be sure to note the undulating, color coded navigation and the celebrity tie-ins that lend even more personality to each flavor. A brilliant example of successful brand marketing.... More

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Vitamin Water



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