Jun 08, 2023


Salbourg (Dance Party)Salbourg is young, fun, weekly dance party based in Vancouver... and while the site is quite bare and serves mostly as a calling card and repository of party flyers (albeit some pretty cool ones with hand-drawn fonts), we really liked the simple collage single-page design featuring a skull, lipstick and lace dreamt up by 19 year-old art, print and web designer Jesse Kanda (see link below).... More

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Salbourg (Dance Party)

Tijuana Flats

Tijuana FlatsA unique Mexican food chain in the making, Tijuana Flats approaches food, wall art and hot sauces with an "anything goes" approach – but also heralds a strong community-based value system. The result is a fun feeling food joint with twist of lime and a spicy appeal. We really liked the down-home Flash site that employs several different types of hand-drawn fonts (and perhaps one of the few times we'll conceed that more than 5 different font styles work well together). Nice typography and non-technical appeal... and be sure to check out some of their irreverant advertising campaigns.... More

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Tijuana Flats



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