Jun 08, 2023


Hungryman Commercial Production CompanyHungryman developed this new site to show off the company's personality, and exhibit the sense of humor of their directors. Using unique textures and vintage photos borrowed from eclectic rock station WACKY79 (Louisville, Kentucky), every page merges the kitsch mystique of these 1950ís - 1970's grainy photos with the award winning work of the Hungryman Directors Roster. In addition to the simplicity of the design, the pages are contrasted with fluid and snappy motion that create a subtle visual tension. Overall, this website feels nostalgic, lovable, and may even bring a wry smirk to your face.... More

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Hungryman Commercial Production Company


TheoryStarted in New York City in 1997, Theory is a fashion line that was spun out of great fitting pants. In the last ten years, Theory has established a modern, line of comfortable clothes for both men and women, while also involving themselves in projects that elevate and inspire, such as the The Theory Icon Project. Overall, Theory has a smart brand site, with widgets, a customizable home page, interactive map, visual search tools, large video and other features. Also check out the create-your-own look section. A well-rounded design production.... More

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