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Swoon Magazine

Swoon MagazineHome of 'dating, mating & relating', this CondeNet 'zine featured original design and HTML that made mom proud. Redesigned since this review. Unfortunately, Swoon is no longer designed by a particular magazine and web designer we knew, but the site still maintains enough design integrity and flavors for ample inspiration. Nice colors and iconography remain, while some of the line-enforced design and interface breakdown is still hidden in the underlying structure. This site has not gone to the dogs. see also: Sundance Film Festival 1998... More


Tansu Yacht DesignForget for a moment – websites, posters, fashion, electronics, and furniture... here is an outstanding design firm that specilizes in shipbuilding... yachts to be exact! And what yachts they are – we just can't get enough of the design of these unique vessels. Some of them look like PT-boats, updated with a modern twist. The larger yachts have this sophiticated, military line to them, almost like mini naval cruisers. But that's just the exteriors... Tansu takes their vast experience in product and interior design, and pours it into an thoroughly obsessive attention to detail, styling and architecture that raises the entire boating experience to a higher plane of expression and usability—inside and out. Living at the crossroads of so many design disciplines, while crafting such beautiful, usable crafts is really just unfair. Damn right, we're straight-up jealous! All that, and a great Flash site too.... More

Also posted under Flash, industrial design & autos, sports design.

Tansu Yacht Design

Teatr Muzyczny

Teatr Muzyczny (Musical Theater)A very dark and distressed promotional site for a musical theater company in Poland. This site shows how it really takes a number of elements coming together in harmony to make a great online presentation. We were very impressed with the full screen "slicing" Flash transitions, minimal use of colors, grainy diffused photos and solid type treatments. Even if you don't understand Polish, you can have a good experience just from flipping through these large page designs using a very easy to understand navigation. Dark and dramatic!... More

Also posted under promotional design.

Teatr Muzyczny (Musical Theater)

Teddies in Space

T.I.S. - The Art of Philip JordanLike a low-fi Star Wars in a cardboard box, this spectacular Flash website design comes to you from a galaxy far, far away... Ok, well, not that far these days if you live in Europe... This is the art portfolio of a German born painter and graffiti artist, whose spray-can work and art features funky characters, and colorful animals. And actually, without being rude, we thought the site itself at times outshined the work inside. Simply out of this world!... More

T.I.S. - The Art of Philip Jordan

The Highline Preliminary Design

The Highline Preliminary DesignThe Highline is a 1.5-mile historic, defunct, elevated rail structure on Manhatttan's West Side. This robust website was created to showcase the design concepts for the public park conceived by Field Operations and Diller Scofidio + Renfro, in conjunction with a show at the MoMA. Mimicking the floating above the street feel, the site flows horizontally, unfolding like a long, scrolling path, capturing the meandering, exploratory experience of the place. Much like the finished Highline, this site is worth exploring slowly, viewing all of its parts to enjoy the full experience.... More

The Highline Preliminary Design

The Palm Jumeirah

The Palm JumeirahForget websites for a moment. Think bigger. Much bigger! Imagine what it would be like to design an entire island. Even Bigger? What if the entire island were 100% man-made? Well, in the Arab Emirates, extending from the coast of Dubai, such a project is well underway... and it is being billed as the 8th wonder of the world and the "most significant and creative earth form made by man". It is literally, an enourmous palm-shaped lagoon/island jutting into the sea—and from an architectural, engineering, and environmental standpoint, this is a design project of mind-boggling proportions. While the site is your standard fare, the branding is done by FutureBrand, and is just one small – but vitally important – component of the big picture (just imagine what this construction project would feel like without a comprehensive brand). As you explore this site, we think you'll agree that all (even small)... More

The Palm Jumeirah

The Royal Academy of Arts

If you're not in the UK and need a touch of inspiration, hit this site for this famous British museum. Amidst the rich content, highlights include the hand-drawn metanav rollovers.... More

The Royal Academy of Arts


WHEREISHEREWHEREISHERE is the web companion to the book about new media art & artists from the renown designers Laurie Makela and the late P.Scott Makela. WHEREISHERE is like a gallery site, but unlike other gallery sites showcased in past advents (REMEDI, FuseLab). It is more useful as a multimedia companion to the book than a stand-alone website. It presents modules of design work by progessive designers and artists mainly in QuickTime and Director formats. The site is down since this posting.... More


wordThe original content-rich zine with fascinating monthly articles and superb overall design. Dive into the articles to absorb a wealth of refreshing design and navigation ideas. Redesigned since this review. Word's framework was enhanced by excellent Gif animations and great miniture iconography. Word's strength lied in the variety of designers that tackled the wide span of articles. Overall, it's constantly updated cornucopia of ideas, issues + culture were a web design haven. Word has since undergone some dramatic design changes - none for the better - and parts and bits of the old site can now be found only within the depths of the archives.... More

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Artistic and experimental sites that explore the media of the web, using Flash, programming or design in novel ways to express new concepts and ideas. Now also including architecture sites.



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