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NiveaNivea continues a design legacy, winning Digitalthread webgallery status again (but this time with Flash). This redesigned site is quite simply, beautiful. The design features large photographic duotones and are freshing mixture of script and full-bodied type. The concept is strong, and the navigational elements and general depth of design throughout many different areas make this a superior branded wonder worth multiple explorations.... More



DigitalDNAA clean Flash-driven corporate site with great navigational tidbits, and subtle shading in this uniquely shaped site that all comes together to create a nicely refined feel for this site. A promotional corporate site from Motorola for their Digital DNA product. Each page presents a new graphic nugget of goodness. Especially check out some cool features like the DigiCrawler, an interactive walking 'stick-creature' that you can modulate and control through environmental variables. Inside Look: Soda (UK) produced and liscenced a branded version of their sodaconstructor called DigiCrawler to Motorola as part of their promotion of the DigitalDNA brand.... More

epb communications

epb.communications is bygoneThe design for epb.communications, a 3-tiered marketing agency, boasts a finely refined corporate palette of grays and medium hued pastels that help create a pleasing surfing experience and a unique online indentity. Overall, a very nice modern site with a controlled, yet seemingly 'patchy' tonal appeal. epb is a respected consultancy and this site design sets a distinctive online mark for this marketing firm.... More

epb.communications is bygone

iTheo, a new online art marketplace, has a unique site design that sets them apart from their competitors. The site is friendly, inviting, and appeals specifically to the target audience of emerging artists. Richly decorated in earthy and warm tones that function like a painting's frame, iTheo's design respectfully highlights its showcase art and artists. The design of this sophisticated and compelling interface is matched by the voice of the site, which is welcoming and accessible and focused on the user experience.... More



jetBlueA hipper new airline from the chaps at Virgin needs an original presence online to highlight its new approach and separate it from the competition. This design needed to separate jetBlue from the commodity business and negative outlook on the airline industry. The solution achieved through the branding, site design and additional advertising was enacted by promoting jetBlue's solution-driven attributes: "simplicity, honesty, explicit people focus and very fair fares..." while still communicating the rewards of flying. JetBlue is a new airline from the founders of Virgin and Virgin Airlines.... More



KyoceraKyocera Wireless puchased Qualcomm's wireless phone business and inherited their website. This corporate product site showcases wireless devices in a clean, modern and boldly colored panel design that elegantly breaks from traditional webpage layouts to provide information quickly, and with style.... More


Mr.French PapersMr. French Papers is one of the more respected distributors of custom papers used for printing, decoration, wallpaper, or whatever you desire. The site exhibits three main sections where one can browse custom papers, intricate design patterns, or buy one of their custom fonts. Overall, Mr. French exhibits a very clean style but with bold shapes and coloring to impress their flair without detracting from the user experience. We lowered this positioning to 'Honorable Mention' because we had several issues with the navigation and usability of the site.... More

Mr.French Papers


GatewayThis site has a renewed focus to sell computers, and a tight redesign right down to the pixel. Computer shopping gets right to the point. This site features super attention to details down to the pixel within a clean, grid-based design that is intuitive and transparent. This site has lost much of it's cleanliness since this posting. The attention to detail has dropped as features are added and the impact of the design is considerably weaker than when it first launched.... More


Blue Marlin

Blue MarlinBlue Marlin sells hand- stiched baseball caps from bygone eras. This is a sharp, appropriate and instantly classic site design. Blue is beatifully branded, following a unique and picturesque design throughout the site and navigation. Blue's inner pages are thoughtfull, clean and easy to use. The products really shine on this site.... More

Also posted under fashion, clothes & photos.

Blue Marlin


SoftimageA museum of finessed shading and delicate dimentions in web design. And not just the site - check out Softimage to see creative 3-D experiments by amateurs and professionals alike. This site artfully enforces Softimage's role as leaders in 3-D software development and design. You can find variations of great bevel work in some of these previous gallery features: qaswa, anderson consulting and kasparov vs. deep blue.... More


Art Center

Art CenterArt Center College of Design's site is the cream of the crop of intelligently constructed sites. Never has it been easier to locate the information you need than here. Art Center's site is characterized by its utilitarian navigation; the pull-down menus are implemented to perfection. It is clean. It is fast. It is one subtly powerful site.... More

Also posted under art & architecture sites.

Art Center

Safe Route

Safe RouteSafe Route is a limited route shipping company that operates at the southern cape of Africa. The design, in deep rich blue tones, alludes to nautical pursuits. Saferoute's design around the concept is what makes this a choice site. Originally designed in South Africa. The site is down since this posting.... More

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