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AdobeAdobe recenlty redesigned their site to be faster and cleaner than ever before. It sets high standards for clarity and content that is both beautiful and informative. Consistency of type, imagery and layout stregthens users' identification with this magnificently large site. The site houses a wealth of great design content including stock photography, software tips and tricks and Adobe's typefaces. In 1999 Adobe embarked on providing detailed portfolio samples and articles on leading-edge web designers, illustrators and new media greats. These interviews are usually very informative and very worth checking out.... More


Precision Digital

Precision DigitalPrecision's design enforces an excellent concept that creates an cohesive environment so users are always visually reminded of where they are visiting. This site forms a cohesive and contained shell where the design, thanks to a strong concept, reminds and enforces this company's field of expertise to us at every page.... More

Precision Digital

Grupo DESC

Grupo DESCDESC's 25th year anniversary site is wonderful to explore - especially in the pop-up window. The shapes and colors of the sections are beautiful. The branding is clear and definative. Groupo DESC, or 'DESC Unit' in English, forms joint ventures to produce synthetic rubber in Mexico for worldwide markets. This site celebrates and informs on their 25th year anniversary, expressing the vision and the facts about DESC now to their worldwide audience. DESC is still maintaining the nice design into 2000.... More

Andersen Consulting

Andersen ConsultingAndersen's site provides a bold and distinguised graphical interface which combines many elements of color, imagery and contrast that provide an overall sensation of cohesiveness. Redesigned since this review was posted. Anderson's consistent navigation hierarchy was enhanced by colors that differentiated individual sections with subtle shadings that neatly encapsulated information within each page. This site has since been redesigned.... More

Ego Media

Ego MediaOne of the first sites to feature complete full-screen - semi-video - Flash with an effective interface to accomplish total user immersion. Boldly emphatic but with a nice duotonal edge that lends a touch of sophistication and saves K. Even so, anything less than ISDN may lose some of the fabulous flow and those ego-maniacal movie trailer style intros. As far as we know, at this time, the firm does not exist or has reformed under a new name.... More

Also posted under Flash.

ford (S.Africa)

FordLike the drafting room at Ford auto design school, the execution of this conceptual design measures up to lofty graphic standards. Allow yourself to be pleasantly surprised. There's a strong movement of design 'down under' that is quickly catching the public's eye. This is one example. Since this posting we have seen many great works coming from SA and they all rock. Unfortunatley, much of the orginal beauty of this site has re-appropriated for new content and the original details are now gone.... More


Champion Paper

Champion PaperA very cool navigational work, merging great interface work with strong design. Their premium quality products get nothing less than a premium web site architecture - with its nooks and crannies filled to the brim with tasty nuggets of information. Notice the excellent frame work, and the meta- navigational system that plays off the letters in "Champion". Champion was bought by Int'l Paper a few years later, and site is no longer up online. Original design by Jessica Helfand | William Drenttel.... More


KahluaBased upon specifically selected tonalities and supported by original navigational ideas, this compact site for Kahlua evokes a playful and colorful sensation. Interactive features also help absorb users within the site. The design was as smooth and tasty as the drink itself. Here's to the dude. Redesigned for the worse since this posting.... More


ear1An online center for musical promotion and discovery, we found this front page possesses an eloquent reflection of musical sounds and notation that combined fluidly with navigational instruments along the left, bottom, and within the main area. Ear1 featured good typography, branding and navigation, all rolled into one page. No longer online since this posting.... More

Sm:)e comm

Sm:)e commSimplicity evokes a wealth of ideas, as displayed by this single page minimalist intro to a web design firm. The inside is also subdued, but we just loved this front page. Smile Comm's entry page utilizes principles of Swiss grid graphic design without losing it's objective strength and interest. It also loads fast, which puts a double-smile on our face. The site has changed since this posting.... More

Also posted under promotional design.


NiveaA conceptual merging of sun and sky flowing like water across these pages. The cleanliness of each detail is refreshing and adds totality and strength to the concept. European based design firm Fork (as reviewed in Das Designhaus) realizes a refreshing concept for Nivea. The result is a soft design that uses a great contrast of both fat and light fonts to create impact while maintaining a natural sophistication. The site has since been redesigned again in 1999 by Fork with great results. The new site predominantly uses Flash and Shockwave, and maintains all the beauty of the original site and more.... More


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