Jan 20, 2019

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Wormholes to Oli and Ten

Wormholes to Oli and TenWormholes could be described as an "interactive documentary" of friendship and the everyday life of two people. You can experience their everyday-life-environments in nature and inside their homes where you can "go-in" their more personal things. There's an interactive layer on top of the pictures that creates another stage of reality linked with wormholes... the ways you choose can be different every time, and the first time is like an uncontrolled random exploration. Photographed by: Thorsten Kloepfer (Ten)... More

Wrangler Europe

Wrangler EuropeThis dark and lovley site for Wrangler Jeans in Europe has some really cool interactive Flash feedback, photos, and illustrations that certainly give this old-school brand some much needed modern mystique. Defintely bringing the cool back to the denim addicted, this site lays a natural foundation for some re-branding Wrangler's of original name, Blue Bell, which is now is own sub-line of high-end jeans fabrics called Blue Bella.... More

Wrangler Europe


Zaum Portable FashionZaum is a small fashion laboratory that creates progressive purses, bags and accessories for both your home and travel excursions. Each purse or bag is handmade with a bright palette of colors that accentuates their belief that everyone should enjoy what they wear and add color to the world at the same time. The site is crisp and functional, with an easily understood navigation and great product shots... and because of the limited green color employed as the site background, each colorful product they display has twice as much visual power on the screen. An overall tight production.... More

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Zaum Portable Fashion

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fashion, clothes & photos is...

Web site design for fashion and photography portfolios that stand up to the heat on the catwalk. Clothes, people, places, fashion and photos all rolled into one.


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