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Design and the Elastic Mind - MoMA

Design and the Elastic Mind - MoMADesign and the Elastic Mind explores the reciprocal relationship between science and design in the contemporary world by bringing together design objects and concepts that marry the most advanced scientific research with attentive consideration of human limitations, habits, and aspirations. The exhibition highlights designers’ ability to grasp momentous changes in technology, science, and history—changes that demand or reflect major adjustments in human behavior—and translate them into objects that people can actually understand and use. This Web site presents over three hundred of these works, including fifty projects that are not featured in the gallery exhibition. Originally launched in February of 2008.... More

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Design and the Elastic Mind - MoMA

Morimoto Restaurant

Morimoto Restaurant NYCAn exceptional restaurant and celebrity chef (Starr Restaurants) deserves a modern Flash site with sharp transitions, perfect execution and appetizing presentation. The "flavor profiles" of this design tantalize the user to explore the aesthetic and gastronomic qualities of the restaurant in this full-screen Flash presentation. Check out the menu and tour sections where tasty transitions make it feel like the site is being diced and sliced for your dining pleasure.... More

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Morimoto Restaurant NYC

Gateway to Lithuania

Unofficial Gateway to LithuaniaFor a publicity and marketing site for Lithuania, this "unofficial" gateway site for the small eastern European country has some great information design. In one compact package, it wraps up important business and tourism information and presents it clearly to the viewer. The gateway has a bit of an advertising feel to it, but overall, the site accomplishes it's goal of changing perceptions about this country, which is technologically advanced and socially open-minded.... More

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Unofficial Gateway to Lithuania


THE ECO ZOOIf you wanna see something fantastic, look to nature... but if you are sitting behind a computer, you should settle for the second best thing. Explore this green-themed web site built with Papervision 3D engine in Flash. Be sure to check out the pop-up books, and the unique animals in this amazing site which will actually teach you a thing or two about how to live green(er). We were also amazed by the fast loads, smooth transitions and ability to manipulate your view of the 3-D environment.... More

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Lake Nona Nonaology

Lake NonaA superb design for a master-planned community just within Orlando, Florida that features a modern neighborhood with a "ridiculous amount of parks". This line-driven web design features a great blend of photography, solid typography, and vintage illustrations that create the framework for exploring this rich interactive environment, while the smart writing and marketing copy which comprises the meat of the site is quite fun to read. The juxtaposition of the various styles is beautiful and creates a welcoming, yet contemporary feel for this site. A really gorgeous job here.... More

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Lake Nona


Tansu Yacht DesignForget for a moment – websites, posters, fashion, electronics, and furniture... here is an outstanding design firm that specilizes in shipbuilding... yachts to be exact! And what yachts they are – we just can't get enough of the design of these unique vessels. Some of them look like PT-boats, updated with a modern twist. The larger yachts have this sophiticated, military line to them, almost like mini naval cruisers. But that's just the exteriors... Tansu takes their vast experience in product and interior design, and pours it into an thoroughly obsessive attention to detail, styling and architecture that raises the entire boating experience to a higher plane of expression and usability—inside and out. Living at the crossroads of so many design disciplines, while crafting such beautiful, usable crafts is really just unfair. Damn right, we're straight-up jealous! All that, and a great Flash site too.... More

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Tansu Yacht Design

Nike Plus

Nike PlusNike Plus is a pretty amazing new technology for runners that synchs with your iPod and brings the interactive feedback of a treadmill right into your ear as you run. Simply stick a chip into your special Nike sneakers, and it wires information to your iPod as you run, tracking distance, calories burnt, pace and time. The site then allows you to track your run, compare it to other peoples' progress, or download their "power songs" from iTunes. The technology behind this site is pretty mind-blowing, and even though this author rarely engages in such sweat-inducing activities, we can see how runners would enjoy this interactive empowerment for their workouts.... More

Also posted under sports design.

Nike Plus

AIGA Design Archives

AIGA Design ArchivesThe ultimate collection of awarded designs, the AIGA Archives are the recorded catalog of annual juried selections in design excellence. Featuring 3,269 hand-picked entries (at this posting) from the '365' annuals dating back to 1994 (issue no. 15), the entire site is a graphic designer's goldmine. The best part is the Flash-built interactive navigation which allows you to browse and cross-reference entries by publication date and category—to reduce 3,269 down to 24 specific entries in a matter of three-four clicks... and even lets your lightbox your favorites. (It's only really missing the best selections in interactive design, but that's why you are here, right?) Pretty... no, very damn cool.... More

Also posted under art & architecture sites, editorial design.

AIGA Design Archives

the truth

the truth the truth is a subversive anti-smoking campaign that raises anti-smoking awareness through staged marketing activities – which are then broadcast globally and spread infectiously. What you may not know about this campaign is that it is indirectly funded by big tobacco firms themselves, who settled huge tobacco suits in the late 90's and were forced to pay the 46 suing U.S. States – who set up the The American Legacy Foundation in 1999, which in turn funds 'truth'. Therefore the campaigns you see are the product of the industry's fangs biting its own tail—the same campaigns that use creative marketing installations to spread calamitous truths about the harms of smoking. It's a very interesting paradox... and very well-funded... which means it's very well designed. So spread it!... More

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the truth

Oral Fixation Mints

Oral Fix | The Chocolate FactoryA highly creative fantasy mixture between a unique mint companies' real factory and a sophisticated virtual playground. Oral Fixation's immersive 3D world offers more explorable pieces than most sites of the genre. We liked how you can re-skin the atmosphere and time of day, which is normally based on the actual conditions at the real company; located in an old chocolate factory in New Jersey. But besides the high-end graphics and addition of skins, Oral Fix is a company interested in true involvement, which consists of (for one example) giving 10% of profits to the Free Tibet Movement*. Perhaps the only 'draw-back' is there is too much to explore—at this point, we haven't found half the stuff they claim is hidden in the site. Which only means we'll have to come back and get our fix at another time of day.... More

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Oral Fix | The Chocolate Factory

Nestea Ice

Nestea IceFeaturing funny animated clip-art, flourishes and purely mystical landscapes, the immersive Nestea Ice site comes off as a funky cross falling somewhere between Monthy Python and an animated version of the North Pole on Zoloft. Currently hosted live only on Juxt's site, this fantasy world of Nestea Ice hopefully lives on—it's a perfect case-study of a dream design for any illustration and interactive Flash animation team.... More

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Nestea Ice

The Creative Mind

Adobe - The Creative MindIt's been a little while since we've seen a hot Adobe web advertisement like this... The visually eye-blowing site features the work of several design studios and image makers, spread across a universe of three exquisitely rendered, illustrated, and animated planets. The result is a free-flowing, interactive animated experience that shows off the new capabilities of Adobe Creative Suite 2.3 within the abstract framework of a designer's mental universe. Not to be missed.... More

Also posted under extra experimental, promotional design.

Adobe - The Creative Mind

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Flash is...

For those sites that apply Flash design in an outstanding capacity, realizing original concepts with Flash, and which use Action Scripting to interact with the user and create immersive experiences.


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