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Usta Usta Theater

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Usta Usta Theater

Usta Usta, or Mouth to Mouth, is the promotional site for a experimental theatre in Poland that puts on a trio of interactive shows that blend video, sound and performance art in a live theater environment. Partly an introduction - and an invitation to get lost in the material - the site is an immersive series of mini interactive Flash pieces that together act as a mysterious patchwork of concepts from the three main theater pieces. An interesting approach, a-la Hi-Res!, that works well for this avant garde theater group.


Reviewed by Digitalthread on Apr 24, 2006


I think this website is very interesting, full of information, great.

:) :) :) :) :) !!!!!

Posted by: bradley - 04/26/06

I think that would make it our first official 5-Smile site.

(Perhaps we could even institute some kind of 5-Smile Rating system in the future... Hmm. - FS.)

Posted by: FS - 04/26/06


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