Oct 20, 2018

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Lounge Lizard
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Ask Nature

Ask NatureNature already has all the best answers to all of our major design problems. So why not ask nature? Evolution has already developed and created the perfect designs, and all we have to do was emulate mother natures' wonders to improve our lives. In this time of green consciousness, a Darwinian approach to a green future will harness the biology of nature (biomimetics) to help us innovate naturally and efficiently. Find out more at this great portal design, sponsored by Autodesk.... More

Also posted under extra experimental, green design.

Ask Nature


Alternativ - furniture designA new Flash website in an austere style for Belgian furniture and partioning designer Alternativ. We liked how the site has a high attention to detail that is lacking in similar sites in this genre. And apparently, not only is the design very clean, minimal and beautiful, it is also functional and fully indexable by search engines. Ultimately, even though we felt the Flash transitions were on the slow side, the overall presentation makes the product photography appear artful – and distinctive.... More

Alternativ - furniture design

alta bikes

alta bikesA great sales tool for alta fixed-gear bikes, with a very nice yarn. Hilarious photo illustrations in a very short, sweet, and funny presentation... and besides the bikes are just sharp. The 'Thread behind the bike is that it's a joint project beween graphic designers (Bleed), furniture designers (Norway Says), product designers (Frost Produkt) and advertisers (Shnel&Melnychuck). Perfect.... More

Also posted under promotional design, sports design.

alta bikes

Acura MDX

Acura MDX (Canada)A fairly fun site for Acura (Canada) that provides far more than a fair approximation of what this SUV feels like. In fact, beyond providing intimate marketing details of every feature of this automobile, it enacts several Flash powered 3-D dramatizations of futuristic special effects, like for instance, the hybrid hovercraft/suspension - that you really have to see for yourself. What more can we say? Go for it!... More

Acura MDX (Canada)

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