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Hungryman Commercial Production CompanyHungryman developed this new site to show off the company's personality, and exhibit the sense of humor of their directors. Using unique textures and vintage photos borrowed from eclectic rock station WACKY79 (Louisville, Kentucky), every page merges the kitsch mystique of these 1950ís - 1970's grainy photos with the award winning work of the Hungryman Directors Roster. In addition to the simplicity of the design, the pages are contrasted with fluid and snappy motion that create a subtle visual tension. Overall, this website feels nostalgic, lovable, and may even bring a wry smirk to your face.... More

Hungryman Commercial Production Company

jump tomorrow

jump tomorrow (archive link)The site is accurately self-described as a "flash journey", and you'll understand once you cruise around this bizarre scrolling landscape. We don't know how much of this illustrated depiction is supposed to relate to the film, but we have a feeling it will only make sense once the film is viewed. The best aspects of the site are the unfolding illustrations (ala early Once-Upon-A-Forest modules) and the original video game style navigation. The entire experience comes off like a twisted 60's version of the Sims.... More

jump tomorrow (archive link)

KM Broadband

KM Broadband2 very ambitious broadband sites. Movieline is focused on presenting up-to-date movie trailers for indie films. Gravitygames presents an ambitious lineup of broadband content for all 'X' style games - from skateboarding to wakeboarding. Nice graphics and generally interesting, but somewhat lacking in fresh content. Both are interesting places for getting the low-down and insights into film and sports artists. See trailers from the latest releases or competitions and learn a bit about the artists and athletes in the Flash and Quicktime driven broadband magazine formats. These are the first of several ambitious broadband platforms that kick media is developing. They are all linked locally from Kick Media BroadBand.... More

Pickled, the Movie

Pickled, the Movie (site down)A beautiful site for a new surf movie presented by Jamie Mosberg and Billabong. Inside, get familiar with the rough-edged and tweaked duotone design style. It's a great homage to the old school surfer graphics and you may even associate a certain Carson-esque influence. "8 surfers, 8 exotic locations, 1 wannabe and a jar of magic pickles". They forgot: "1 great web site".... More

Pickled, the Movie (site down)

Planet Earth

Discovery Channel | Planet EarthDon't forget to catch this show this Sunday. Planet Earth, a five years in the making mini-series event will be an epic visual feast for the mind and eyes. In this day and age where we may easily forget that we even share this planet with other animals, this show will hopefully be a consciousness-expanding event. While the site itself has some poor points, is overly bulky (need at least 1GZ and broadband) and is rather disjointed, it really will come down to the show broadcasting on March 25th. This site gives you a tiny taste of this marvelous new nature show... and sadly, perhaps one of nature's last hurrahs.... More

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Discovery Channel | Planet Earth


PopcornPopcorn is a Swedish organization promoting wider availability of quality independent films. Each year over the course of several days and several venues the Popcorn festival runs selected original works in film. The site itself is tight and impeccably clean, featuring a really nice JavaScript navigational implementation that provides a randomized visual treat as you explore the links. It was difficult to actually view a film but the information about the entrants is detailed and desriptive, and provided in both English and Swedish. Popcorn sets the stage for widening acceptance of the independent film scene in Sweden.... More


Remstar Corporation

RemstarRemstar Corporation plays a big role in cinema, music and television entertainment in Canada. This full flash corporate web site is rich in content (each film has a trailer) and easy to navigate with quick, and fluid animation. This site also includes a content manager so the client can update its content. Nice and clean.... More

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sundance channel

Sundance Film Festival 98The Sundance Channel and Sundance Festival 98 design features powerful linear play that effectively marries concept to interface. As parts of the same site, the Festival 98 pages are built on white, while the main site is built on black. The Film Festival 98 pages appear cleaner, and utilize a well implemented system of rollovers for a greater impact.... More

Sundance Film Festival 98

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

The Diving Bell and the ButterflyA very simple and beautiful site with few gimmicks or "flashiness" for this anticipated third film from Julian Schnabel (Basquiat, Before Night Falls). It just maintains an overall cohesion of colors and treatments — type included — that gel nicely together. We also really liked the blurry, "bleed-to-white" spot-transitions between sections. Very nice.... More

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

The Police Inside Out

The Police Inside OutFollowing on the heels of the recently announced Police tour – and just screening in Japan this week – The Police Inside Out is the film by Stewart Copeland, drummer for The Police, who compiled his Super 8 footage to create an intimate look at what it was like to be in the band back in the 80's. This site promo for the film has all the elements that we love these days: a large poster style front page, wood textures and treatment, a collage of graphics and finally, big type juxtaposed with small, Japanese lettering... in fact, we can't choose which aspects we like most—they hit us on all our soft points! Well, although the site can be quite slow (served from Japan) and many of the links are external and you won't understand a word... it's still a rockin' site for this rock bands first official movie.... More

The Police Inside Out

The Ring

Apparently if you see this site you will die 7 days later... Well, not really, but we were just happy to see another dark 'trailer-site' emulating the seminal Donnie Darko. The Ring.... More

The Ring - Official Movie Site

The Royal Tenenbaums

The Royal TenenbaumsA fabulously bourgeois site for the coming movie that has a rich seasoning of still photos, line work, colorful flourishes and typography. Royal Tenenbaums, the site, introduces us to the WASPish family with a slightly dark design that also reveals a sense of humor and introspection. It also features some really detailed pages enhanced with the kind of Flash interactivity that money just cannot buy. Overall, the site is artistic, fun and just brilliantly rendered.... More

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