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Quentin Tarantino is at it again with his present day homage to the gritty and plot-challenged exploitation horror and action films of the 70's. In this double-feature film (releasing April 6th) we are re-introduced to a genre of film where sex, violence and gore trumped any sense of artistic merit (way before Leprechaun 3 came out). "Grindhouse" exploitation films run the gambit from the Russ Meyers classics to various zombie and kung-fu matinees. So in that vein, this movie site uses an over-the-top visual language of dirt, grit and gore, and ties it all – loosely – together with a cut-out, collage construction reminicent of the pulp mags of the day. If you have a thirst for movies with pointless sex, violence and gore (no, not Species II), then look no further than your local Grindhouse.

Designed by: Big Spaceship

Grindhouse screenshot


Reviewed by Digitalthread on Mar 30, 2007


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