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Tijuana Flats

Tijuana FlatsA unique Mexican food chain in the making, Tijuana Flats approaches food, wall art and hot sauces with an "anything goes" approach – but also heralds a strong community-based value system. The result is a fun feeling food joint with twist of lime and a spicy appeal. We really liked the down-home Flash site that employs several different types of hand-drawn fonts (and perhaps one of the few times we'll conceed that more than 5 different font styles work well together). Nice typography and non-technical appeal... and be sure to check out some of their irreverant advertising campaigns.... More

Tijuana Flats

Transcendental Meditation

The Transcendental Meditation ProgramOpen up your consciousness to the Transcendental Meditation Program in this peaceful and enlightened design. Highs include the clean blue and white color scheme, clear breakdown of information, simple typography, informative research graphs, and the happy, personal presentation. Self-explorations in the use of the grid gives each section its own personal experience. So close your eyes, take a comfortable seat, and use your imagination to take you away from your day... then when you are done, visit TM.... More

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The Transcendental Meditation Program


ValsparGet inspired in this one-of-kind site, where we finally see an appropriate use of the ability to use XML with CSS to rotate random color palettes... and for whom better than this large global paints and coatings firm? Mainly driven by large scenic photography, each page brings a different coordinated color scheme... But some photos allow you to interact and alter the colors in the photo itself by picking from pre-made palettes—which you can then add to a shopping list. Impressive, beautiful and relaxing exploration in a very clean design shell.... More

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Vitamin Water

Vitamin WaterA fun, funky and fabulous color rush greets you in the technicolor product site for Vitamin Water. This nutrient-infused drink has taken the bottled beverage market by storm (recently purchased by Coke for $4.1B) due in no small part to its bright color-coded labeling and effervescent copy-writing. The site takes the branding to the next level by bundling each flavor with its own expressive animated illustration – that harmonizes quite well with the current "Coke side of life" branding which also uses bright, abstract illustrations (and no, we don't believe in coincidence). Be sure to note the undulating, color coded navigation and the celebrity tie-ins that lend even more personality to each flavor. A brilliant example of successful brand marketing.... More

Vitamin Water


Zaum Portable FashionZaum is a small fashion laboratory that creates progressive purses, bags and accessories for both your home and travel excursions. Each purse or bag is handmade with a bright palette of colors that accentuates their belief that everyone should enjoy what they wear and add color to the world at the same time. The site is crisp and functional, with an easily understood navigation and great product shots... and because of the limited green color employed as the site background, each colorful product they display has twice as much visual power on the screen. An overall tight production.... More

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Zaum Portable Fashion

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promotional design is...

Sites that promote and market specific products or services in which the design is approached with more of an advertising slant. Marketing details, copy, branding and originality of design are all considered.


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