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We certainly have mixed emotions about this beer promotion site... For a non-Slavic brewery to brashly market a beer to kids using under the guise of "New-Russian-Style" is an insulting swipe at underpriveleged Russian youth living in difficult times... All in one site, they manage to callously poke fun of the subjects of squalor, poverty, homelessless and punk culture, and then try to hide it all under the dangerous branding-theme of "cool" irreverence. It's an unfortunate marketing scheme, appealing to no one except perhaps the least compassionate alchoholic looking for a cheap beer, and the butt of the joke enforcing the stereotype of poor, alchohlic, Russian youth. The one saving grace of this site is the complicated Cockroach Race which has some novel gaming features. But besides that, the photos, branding and marketing slant of this site are questionable to us, and perhaps a result of marketing gone awry. Maybe we didn't "get it" since it's all in German with faux Cyrillic lettering, but in our opinion, it gets a thumbs down.


Reviewed by Digitalthread on Aug 28, 2006


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Sites that promote and market specific products or services in which the design is approached with more of an advertising slant. Marketing details, copy, branding and originality of design are all considered.



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