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The web face for MTV in 1997. Great design combined with JavaScript activity made the site feel like a rich media CD-rom. There even was a 'caffinated' version if you could handle the wait - which at that time helped bring down the site for good. As visually rich as the TV interstitials, you could find a wealth of original designs and gimmicks all across the entire site.

This site still needs changes. Originally the design was so graphically heavy that MTV was forced to create a lighter redesign as early as late 1997. Since then the design has been hovering in a political identity purgatory. With so many various interests and off-shoots, it's no wonder the MTV site is such a hard beast to tame. We still look forward to any new developments and hope to see a great redesign resolution occur, but we're not holding our breath.

See also: MTV 2 UK, MTV Europe

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Sites that promote and market specific products or services in which the design is approached with more of an advertising slant. Marketing details, copy, branding and originality of design are all considered.



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