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Rusta Media

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Rusta Media

In order to sell airtime on SABC channels leading up to the Cricket World Cup Show, media planners are shown the shocking media options they'll get stuck with if they don't book with the SABC. In this brilliant illustrated collage design of a non-existent Caribbean media company's website, media buyers explore the dodgiest media solutions ever, reinforcing the need to book with the national broadcaster before they run out of options. Touting everything from branded coconuts, bongs, to spray-painted goats and fishing boat billboards (locations cannot be confirmed)—the results of this hilarious campaign exceeded sales target by over 250% – with 40% more hits than targeted on launch day and an average of over 1400 hits per month (from a maximum pool of only 750 media planners). Outstanding, functional, funny and also a beautifully illustrated collage design. And don't forget to check the Terms & Conditions.

Designed by: TEQUILA \ Johannesburg

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Reviewed by Digitalthread on Mar 19, 2007


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