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Football Heroes

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Football Heroes

What will be on Pélé's coffee table this summer? The answer is the wonderous, worldly illustrated Football Heroes (Fussballhelden). A complete collectors picture album featuring 60 World Cup soccer teams: all of the 2006 qualifiers plus the most famous teams from World Cup history. It contains over 700 individual player portraits drawn by 50 illustrators from 17 different countries. This truly amazing graphic illustrated book is a non-profit project, which guarantess the quality, as all the illustrators involved have donated their time and talent solely for the love of the game!

You can buy this book driectly through the site, but the site is amazing too, because it gives you a preview of every page and provides links to every illustrator involved. A must have/visit for any fan of the game. Brought to you by two stupendous Swiss illustrators: Ashi G. and Jerzovskaja.


Reviewed by Digitalthread on Mar 11, 2006


Thanks for that great link!
What a book!

Posted by: chino - 03/24/06

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