Jan 20, 2019

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The BOXThe BOX is a self-contained self-promotional site built by the Fusionary design studio for both pleasure and purpose. A overall great and entertaining interface design. Simple, yet strong in it's delivery of information, The BOX makes the most of one of life's most simple objects in this kitchy web promotion. Enjoy it as an interface and amusing self-promotion that highlights the skills of the folks at Fusionary Media.... More


The Royal Mint - New Designs

The Royal Mint - New DesignsWhat if one 26 year old designer could change the way you look at history? This is the real story of how Matthew Dent, a professional graphic designer, won a competition to redesign the coins of the entire British nation. He has literally stamped his mark on the future, by redesigning the past. Truly, if you needed proof, here's how one person with some original thinking can affect millions of people. Inspiring to say the least.... More

The Royal Mint - New Designs

Transcendental Meditation

The Transcendental Meditation ProgramOpen up your consciousness to the Transcendental Meditation Program in this peaceful and enlightened design. Highs include the clean blue and white color scheme, clear breakdown of information, simple typography, informative research graphs, and the happy, personal presentation. Self-explorations in the use of the grid gives each section its own personal experience. So close your eyes, take a comfortable seat, and use your imagination to take you away from your day... then when you are done, visit TM.... More

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The Transcendental Meditation Program

Usta Usta Theater

Usta Usta TheaterUsta Usta, or Mouth to Mouth, is the promotional site for a experimental theatre in Poland that puts on a trio of interactive shows that blend video, sound and performance art in a live theater environment. Partly an introduction - and an invitation to get lost in the material - the site is an immersive series of mini interactive Flash pieces that together act as a mysterious patchwork of concepts from the three main theater pieces. An interesting approach, a-la Hi-Res!, that works well for this avant garde theater group.... More

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Usta Usta Theater

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