Apr 05, 2020

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HEL13 is bygoneA Swedish-based online typography and design review, HEL13's 13 issues have evolved over time and feature semi-interactive interviews with the top type designers. HEL13 displays new designs and tricky additions in each issue so exploring each archive will often bring a nice surprise amidst a tasty range of graphics. They often redesign the entire look and feel of the magazine when appropriate, so explore and discover. HEL13 stopped producing new issues at #13, and the site is no longer in service.... More

HEL13 is bygone

12 Days

12 DaysA festive prerelease, this site captures some of the unshakeable office cheer one cherishes when working over the holidays. Here you'll find 12 wonderous modules developed in Flash and Shockwave with an amusing seasonal theme. Some are visual, some are interactive and most are just funny company related expressions of various events.... More


The BOXThe BOX is a self-contained self-promotional site built by the Fusionary design studio for both pleasure and purpose. A overall great and entertaining interface design. Simple, yet strong in it's delivery of information, The BOX makes the most of one of life's most simple objects in this kitchy web promotion. Enjoy it as an interface and amusing self-promotion that highlights the skills of the folks at Fusionary Media.... More



SUMMERA simple, apparently thoughtless design, the SUMMER page brings something more to light. It is the simplicity and heated moments of Summer days passing by in slow sluggish strides, a trodding giant across our skies. Welcome to Summer. Enjoy the sun, and drink lots of water. Shockwave required. Brought to you by Team Internet Services at META DESIGN Berlin.... More

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xyz miscellaneous is...

Great web design doesn't always fit into a specific category... it defies definition. So, welcome to web design miscellany!


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